Character Bios


Ethan Bio


Name: Ethan MacManus

Many consider Ethan to be an emotionally mature, responsible and focused individual with a creative drive and passion that helps him succeed in everything he does. Also, it is entirely possible that nobody considers Ethan to be any of those things.

Against all odds, Ethan has managed to survive into his twenties without losing any limbs, or serving any serious jailtime. Much to the surprise of everyone, in fact, Ethan has even fumbled his way into some prosperity, having married his dream gamer-girl Lilah, and currently running his own video game store.

"Idiot-savant" would not be a terribly innacurate way to describe Ethan... while he's managed to build himself a sentient robot friend out of his Xbox, he's also managed to get a PlayStation memory card lodged inside his cranium.

Though Ethan often spends most of his time operating in his own little world, and attempting to apply his rules and logic to everything around him, he has surrounded himself by friends and loved ones who are able to see past Ethan's many, many faults, and find some charm and entertainment in his antics.


Lilah Bio


Name: Lilah MacManus

Lilah was the "girl next door" that moved into Ethan and Lucas' apartment building. Ethan was immediately smitten with her beauty, followed closely (if not eclipsed) by her interest in video games.

Formerly an office assistant, Lilah took a leap of faith when she quit her job to try and make it as a professional gamer. She travels a lot, participating in cash-prize tournaments for various games, mostly first-person shooters. She's gamed with partners for specific tournaments, but does not currently belong to any clans.

A proficient gamer in her own right, she's discovered that she can channel any annoyance from Ethan's antics into a focused "gamer fuel" that heightens her performance at twitch-based gaming. It has, on more than one occasion, helped her place at tournaments.


Lucas Bio


Name: Lucas Davidovicz

Lucas' family moved when he was in 6th grade, and he was forced to switch schools, where he met Ethan. They've been best friends ever since.

Also a huge gaming fanatic, Lucas has far more level head on his shoulders than Ethan. While it's not past him to get overly wrapped up in a game to the point of putting the rest of life on hold like Ethan, it's a less frequent occurance, and often with far fewer explosions involved.

An athlete in high school, Lucas still likes to remain active despite an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Possessing some skill with code, Lucas dreamed of one day working in the video game industry, but never mustered the ambition to really pursue that goal.

Lucas currently works with Ethan at GameHaven, while saving money to start college and finally work towards his dream job.