Rock Bottom

Oooh boy

Tuesday, April 29, 2003 | 03:18 AM | by
Ok so the comic was up really late Monday night. It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day out, and I ended going out and spending the afternoon with the girl I'm seeing. I hadn't planned it, it just kind of happened. So we finally get home, and she sits and patiently plays some Tony Hawk while I whip out Monday's strip. This is my excuse for being late. Sorry.

Going to clear up a couple of issues here, that apparently some of you might now have grasped.

No, I am no longer updating five days a week. Yes, I am only updating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yes, I'm terribly sorry if you have a problem with this. No, I will not start updating more until I feel I can handle it time-wise.

Also, my head reviewer is now making news posts. Many of you might have picked up on it from the different avatar, the different name. Some of you didn't. I did not go to Atlanta. No trip of mine to Canada was cancelled. I'm not in the freaking choir.

Some of you must be aware of the current controversy that Tycho and Gabe are involved in with American Greetings. To sum it up, it appears American Greetings (whom I refuse to even link) employs narrow-minded fascist Nazi's who have decided to take an unnecessary stab at PA's
attempts to entertain. If you want the details, you'll have to hunt them down, but I can pass along this tiny bit of information for you: Penny Arcade created the controversial strip. Not me. So you can all stop emailing me asking me to send it to you. Thanks.

So it looks like SOE is gearing up to allow public beta testing for Star Wars: Galaxies, at which point I feel that any playing worth that game has will be flushed straight down the toilet. Don't get me wrong, there will be a lot of cool people who come to play this game. Unfortunately this number will be dwarfed by the amount of sheer morons that will flood this game. I'm terrified to see a game of this potential overrun with retards.