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Wednesday, June 4, 2003 | 07:16 AM | by
Thursday Update: The definition of stupid: Knowing that you have lots of work to do, and not a lot of time to so it in, but still getting yourself involved in a game like Ragnarok Online

Seriously. I was curious... I keep hearing people talk about this game, so I decided to try it out. Despite the incredible amount of NPC "engrish", this game is pretty neat. I'm playing on the Loki server, and the name Absath, if anyone wants to say hi.

/end update

I need to start off with this: You all are the best fans, ever. Honestly. I couldn't ask for readers better than you guys. 99.9% of you are supportive, you help spread the word about Ctrl+Alt+Del, and you give me a reason to keep this up. I'd love to be able to make a living at this, and you are the ones that are making that possible for me. So I'd like to make a very public, very sincere 'Thank You' to all of you that continue to read.

In rather interesting news, video games have been found to fall under the free speech area of the constitution. This means that video games are now somewhat protected in court, and (prepare yourself for a very strong opinion) hopefully all of those retarded people who blame video games for all of the stupid and dangerous shit that their stupid kids do, now without someone else to blame, will finally realize that their children are their responsibility and that kids don't raise themselves.

It is my honest belief, that if a child plays Grand Theft Auto 3, then goes and carjacks an elderly woman for her buick, and proceeds to beat her flat with a crowbar just because he saw it in a video game, then that child was fucked up in the brain to begin with. Either that, or his parents were too damned busy with their own lives, or too damned lazy to educate their child properly on right and wrong.

Now some of you will probably disagree. Actually, I expect some of you to disagree. But that's the beauty of free speech, and expression of opinion, isn't it?

I want to direct you to a couple of links that I feel all of you should be checking out.

First is Konsekai: Swordwaltzer. I've mentioned it before, and it's in the random comics links to the right, but I promote it because I love it, and because Xero is a really cool guy and he works really hard at what he does.

Also, Montana Hills deserves some of your love too. I mean... c'mon. Talking vegetables? Priceless.

Anywho, I'm still trying to decide what day of the weekend I'll be adding to the update schedule... both Saturday and Sunday have their merits. I guess it will be a surprise.

The poster is coming along beautifully. From the looks of it, it's something I'm going to be really proud of, and hopefull you'll all want hanging in your room, basement, office, whatever. As soon as I'm finished, you'll get a sneak peek.

Update: I just want to point out that for the next several weeks, I am putting commissions on hold. I will not be accepting any new work, because I've really got to sit down and turn out as much artwork as I can to sell at ConnectiCon. So if you were interested in a portrait or somesuch, I'll be taking orders again after the convention.

Ramblings and reviews

Wednesday, June 4, 2003 | 07:43 PM | by Andrew
Well, two of our new reviewers have turned out more content in one day than I can usually in a month. This is of course because I am in the midst of finals at school. The hellspawned tests and projects that are hurled at me from all angles... Plus I'm in the midst of some heavy social stuff, I'm not going to go into details (you'll need to find me in the chatroom to get those) but I can easily relate it to the movie Chasing Amy, and Holden's predicament. Not so much the "Lets fuck my girlfriend stuff" but the "I'm in love with a lesbian who just might make an exception for me" part. Yeah, I'm pretty odd, I'll admit. But, hey, love is love, and this girl has been the best friend I've ever had. I can't really express how great she is, but she is very much the angel on my shoulder, every day is a better day if shes there.

Er, sorry, went off on a tangent there. We have four new reviews for you, one on Real War: Rogue States , one on Starfleet Command III , both of those from new reviewer IonFizzle.

We also have two movie reviews, one of The Matrix Reloaded , and one of Bruce Almighty , both by QuadBoy, who we would like to welcome back to Ctrl Alt Del after a long absence. You can check out more of his stuff at his site and at the website of our close friends in the webcomics world, Movie Comics

Thats it for me today, I'll be back soon with more reviews and a special surprise involving one of Gaming's most hotly anticipated sequels.

(Thursday Update)
While I will never, EVER spoil my computer with Ragnarok Online, I will continue my adventures in PlanetSide. Remember, I'm a member of the Vanu Sovereignty on the Emerald Server, my character is named AndreGalan. I fly a Mosquito to get from base to base and conduct raids/repair missions. Or I go out with my outfit (VanuKnightS pwn all.) and launch base assaults. Either way, look me up, I could always use more allies.