Told you so


Monday, June 23, 2003 | 01:52 AM | by
First things first... I have been put in the spotlight over at I Is A Geek. You can head over there and read a short bio on yours truly, as well as get a look at my ugly mug and the area in which I draw the strip. It's a really interesting site... look around.

We have a new sponsor this month. Twisted Kaiju Theater is sponsoring CAD for the month, and helping to pay our bills. So head on over there as a sign of appreciation and poke around.

The response to the call for CADMedia staff has been overwhelming. Andrew has been working non-stop sorting through all of the applications. We'll be choosing the best that we can to start off our site, but if you don't get chosen, don't worry. Once we're well underway I'm sure we'll be looking for more talent again.

A lot of people have been wondering what I thought of The Hulk. Well, I'm not going to get into a long review here, but to sum it up, I felt 70% of it was good, 30% of it should have been left out. I think the ending sucked, and the tank scene was the best scene ever. Do I recommend seeing it? Yes. Do I think it's a great movie? No.

Guess What!

Monday, June 23, 2003 | 10:31 AM | by
I'm moving the closing of the CAD store up a few days. With all of the problems with CafePress, I've decided not to take any chances.

So the store will be closing on Wednesday night. Last call for any of that Ctrl+Alt+Del merchandise, which will be replaced by new merchandise at some point in the future. These designs will be retired.

Thanks again

Monday, June 23, 2003 | 07:09 PM | by Andrew
The applications have started to slow down, with just over 330 sent in, and I must say I didn't expect anything close to this amount of feedback. I honestly think CAD Media will be a big success with all this help. Needless to say not everyone will make it, but as Absath said, we probably will need help again at some point. If you are interested in writing for CAD and you haven't applied yet, read my Friday news post and email me at and we'll talk about it. Thanks for the tremendous response, once again. Also look for a review of Hulk soon.