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Not this galaxy, baby

Friday, June 27, 2003 | 01:34 AM | by
Contrary to any conclusions you may draw from today's strip, I will not be playing Star Wars Galaxies. I'm not going to touch it with a ten foot pole. I wouldn't touch it with somebody else's computer. You get the idea. I gave it a fair shot during the beta test, and the game failed to impress.

This is mainly for those of you that are under the impression that Ethan is me.

Poster pre-sales have been pretty steady. I want to thank everyone that bought one so far. If you haven't bought your copy yet, head on over to the store and pick one up. Hell, pick up a dozen and wallpaper your room with them.


Friday, June 27, 2003 | 09:55 PM | by Andrew
The CADMedia recruitment period has ended, and we should end up with a staff of around 20 people. I'll be busy, and so will my current reviewers, so don't expect much out of the section until CADMedia launches. We're going into design phase now.

As for those who applied, if I haven't told you you are in already, you most likely are. Most of the people under consideration were accepted, after I got second opinions from Absath. A full email about the acceptance will go out to every accepted writer. As for me, I'm very busy personally, even though it is summer. Between CADMedia CAD Chat, and my girlfriend (who is actually involved in both of those as well, oddly enough), I'm swamped. I've gotten maybe 20 hours sleep this week, which is a far cry from my usual narcoleptic behavior. I'll keep working on it, and with any luck the design phase will go by quickly and I'll be bringing you all sorts of news and assorted crap soon. (Yeah, I know thats awfully descriptive for a writer... give me a break, I'm tired.)