Down in flames

Still working...

Wednesday, February 25, 2004 | 12:47 PM | by
I'm still plugging away at the collection book. I think it will turn out rather well. I should have some quotes pretty soon, at which point I'll put up an official poll to judge actual interest in the book. I need to do this so I know what kind of print run I'm looking at.

Don't forget about the new items in the store. I'll only be taking pre-orders for another week or so, so if you want one of the first ones, order now.

There are two new CAD designs. A CAD Logo shirt and a L337 University shirt. We are currently taking pre-orders for them. These may only be offered for a limited time, depending on sales, so if you want one, act soon.

The other design is from Konsekai: Swordwaltzer. It's a very slick design, from an incredibly involved comic.

Also, I'd like to take a moment to thank our sponsor for this month, FuitadNET. They offer some great prices, and from all I've heard, their service is excellent. Check them out!