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Legal Residence

Friday, April 23, 2004 | 04:15 PM | by
I'm sorry. I meant to post some news earlier, but I was too busy curled up in the corner with the shakes, swiping at phantom gang members. You see, the City of Heroes beta ended last night, and I now can't play until Sunday. But the end of beta even was awesome. I'll touch more on that later, with some pics.

Actually, what I was really doing all afternoon was driving around Virginia looking for the bloody DMV, so that I could finally sacrifice my nice Massachussetts license for a Virginia license. And get my license plates changed, etc. In essence, become an actual Virginian.

First of all, the directions on their website suck monkey balls, so I spent a good hour looking for the place. I finally get there, and they tell me I need my birth certificate to prove legal residence. Okaaaay... I don't have my birth certificate. I left it in Massachussetts. Why do I need it when I have a current, valid driver's license? She says I need it, and hands me a sheet of paper with all of the documents they need from me.

I head all the way home and finally read this paper, and notice the part where if I have a current driver's license, I don't need to present a birth certificate, because obviously I already proved legal residence in order to get my license in the first place.

So fine, partially my fault for ignoring my instinct and not reading the paper before I got all the way home, and partially her fault for telling me I needed a birth certificate in the first place.

So now I have to go back tomorrow, which is a Saturday, and you know the DMV gets packed on Saturdays... or wait until Monday. What a pain in my ass.

Oh yeah, and it's too god damned hot down here. Anyone from up north want to ship me some of that nice cool weather?

City of Heroes

Friday, April 23, 2004 | 05:15 PM | by
Ok, first, the big news. Cryptic and NCSoft have announced the first expansion for City of Heroes, called City of Villains. It is still in development, and the official announcement will be made at E3 this year. If you want to check out the press release, you can find it here.

Now, one of the first things that the community did was explode into a group of whiny little girls saying that they were going to cancel their account because they didn't want to be subjected to PvP. So before you get your knickers in a bunch, allow me to quote Executive Producer Jeremy "Gaffer" Gaffney:

I'm travelling right now, so no time for a big update, but just as a quickie from a glance at the boards - City of Villains will have PvP but it will NOT force PvP on everyone as a free-for-all. If you want to be a hero who never once sees a player villain, that's perfectly possible. Jack will probably have some more details later.

For other details, ya gotta wait for E3 Thanks again for the beta fun, all -

So there you have it. Awesome stuff in the works, so let's just wait to see what innovative PvP Crytpic and NCSoft come up with to handle PvP and villains.

The other thing I wanted to touch on today was the official CAD CoH server. We're all going to be playing on the Justice server, and we are forming a super group. I'll have a site/message board up for it sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, if you want to join, or group up with us, once you get the game just drop me a message. Preferrably in-game. I'll be posting my character name on Sunday morning.

In the meantime there is a thread on the CAD forums for discussing CoH. You can find it here.

Playing in CoH

Sunday, April 25, 2004 | 05:10 PM | by
Alright, the City of Heroes head start has begun. I'll be playing all of today. I'll hit level 10 sometime this evening and start the CAD Super Group.

You can drop me a line to say hello and find out how my leveling is going. My character is The Steel Ghost.

And remember, we're playing on the Justice server.