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Wednesday, June 2, 2004 | 01:20 PM | by
Update: Just because we hit our mark, doesn't mean you can't still pre-order. I'll let you know well ahead of time when I stop taking pre-orders.

Read about the book. Buy the book.

So, I had been planning to put up the progress bar today, right? To show you how many more pre-orders we needed in order to cover the costs of the down-payment for the print run. The thing is, on the first day, not only did we blow the down-payment mark out of the water, we blew right past the amount needed to pay for the entire book run. It was incredible.

So there is no more question of 'Hmm, I hope we can raise enough to have the book printed', because we've already done it. The book will be going to the printer as early as this weekend. We did it.

As soon as the book is at the printer, I'm going to take a nice break. I've been working myself ragged, and I'm about ready to collapse. So I'll take a short breather to recoup, doing practically nothing but the daily strip, and then I'm going to get started on printing labels and setting up envelopes for the books. I want to have them all ready, so when they arrive, all I have to do is stick books in them and mail them.

But seriously, I want to thank you all. I said we needed pre-orders, and you guys pre-ordered. This is a big step for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Volume 1 is a success, and it will be in stores late this year. That will hopefully bring us even more exposure. And now that I know Volume 1 was a hit, I can start making plans to begin Volume 2. It's very exciting, and it's all possible because of you.

Thank you.

I am also planning to debut the cover of the book later on today. I'll be posting it below this news post.


Thursday, June 3, 2004 | 01:56 AM | by
You know what I did? I promised you a preview of the cover today. And here it is now, 2am, and I'm just putting it up. I'm terribly sorry about that. We're still working on the book, and will be right up until five minutes before we send it off for printing. I'm trying to cram as much extra stuff in as I can, so I can't take a breather until then.

Anyway, some of you may have already seen the artwork that's being used for the cover, but if you haven't here you go. This is the front cover for the book, barring any last minute alterations, which may happen.