What I owe you

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 | 11:43 AM | by
Ok, here's what I still owe you guys right now:

A convention report from ConnectiCon- It's mostly written. I'm up to Friday night. I doubt I'll finish it before I leave for Otakon, so what I may do is post what I have, and then add Saturday and Sunday after I get back. For Otakon, I'm just going to take a bunch of pictures with my new digital camera, and do captions. Should make things easier.

Books- A lot of you (actually, most of you) still don't have your books yet. I had set a goal for myself to get at least all of the domestic orders shipped before I went to Otakon, but that just isn't happening. I'm maybe halfway through the domestic orders, and I've hardly even dented the international orders. It's just such a slow process. After Otakon I have no other commitments to worry about, so I can focus solely on shipping. I had no idea that shipping all of these books was going to be such a huge production, and I'm all alone doing it. When it comes time to ship Volume 2, I'm going to hire a part-time staff to help me out.

Store Orders/Store Items-Some of you are waiting on items from the store... I'm getting these out, but they are also backed up, due to the books. Again, after Otakon, this will all get done. I am also going to be adding new stuff to the store soon, new shirts, new posters and the book. I'll get to it later, probably end of August.

I promise you all I am working as hard as I can on this. It will be done as soon as I can make it done. Thank you for your patience with me.

I'll be heading out for Otakon tomorrow afternoon, so I'll post again before then. Right now I'm going in like six directions at once trying to get everything finished.

Oh, I forgot...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 | 12:17 PM | by
...To tell you to go drool over this.

Well? Go. Go now. Download and be merry.

Otakon 2004

Thursday, July 29, 2004 | 10:48 AM | by
I'm leaving for Otakon. If you're in the area, or attending the convention, feel free to come by and say hello. I should be in the Artist's Alley for the most part.

Also, I'll be at the airport tonight picking up my good friend, the stupendous Brian Carroll, whom I convinced to attend Otakon this year. He'll be hanging out at my table, and let me tell you... he's got some really cool Instant Classic and Instant Classic: Pirates posters.

This is my last convention for at least a couple of months, thank god. I've got so much work I need to catch up on, mainly the shipping of books. On the bright side, everyone who was seen, touched, licked one of the books has absolutely raved about how good it looks, so apparently all of the hard work I put into it payed off. So for those of you still waiting, at least take solace in the fact that you will be receiving something very special.

Also, a few people have pointed out a couple of typos in the book, but did so hesitantly. Please, if you notice a typo, let me know exactly where it is. I'll be doing a second printing pretty soon, so if I have all of the errors, I can get them fixed before we print again.

I'll be back Sunday night or Monday afternoon at some point. Please, if you need to email me, and it can wait until next week, then do. After ConnectiCon I came home to 90,687 emails in my inbox, and it took me a good 2-3 days to get through them, and I'm not even confident some weren't lost in the shuffle.