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Wednesday, August 11, 2004 | 10:56 AM | by
Sorry guys, we experienced some unexpected downtime this morning. We're obviously back up and running now. It is possible that you may experience some weird stuff going on with the site today... we're doing things of the maintenance sort, so just bear with us.

Today's comic, for those of you unaware, is based around this story. Now, I try to refrain from becoming too preachy or didactic with the comic strip or news posts, but occasionally I do have to state a very strong opinion of mine, and this latest "news story" lit a fire under my angry-with-the-media ass.

First of all, it is absolutely tragic that those people were killed, and in such a brutal manner. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the deceased, and I hope the killers rot in jail. I'm not arguing that point.

What irritates me is the media's ridiculous emphasis on the Xbox, making it sound like an Xbox drove these people to murder. Like not having their delicious video games drove them into a homicidal frenzy. Bullshit. These people killed because they are dregs of humanity. The ringleader was just out of jail when it happened. In jail because of a probation violation. Which means he was in prison before that.

The police state the items stolen from the murdering scumfucks were "clothes and an Xbox", but I have yet to see a single headline that said "Six people murdered over a box of clothes". And that's the only time the Xbox is mentioned in any of the news stories, but it's in huge bold text in the headlines. Bwuh?

Doom 3

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 | 12:05 PM | by
I've heard some people complaining about how dark Doom 3 is. Well, if you're playing it in the middle of the day, in broad daylight, like a PUSSY, then yeah, it'll seem a bit dark. Screen glare and all.

But if you play it in the pitch black, with no other source of light or sound in your entire living quarters... well my friend, then that shit is atmospheric.

I mean it's not like id software said "oh shit... our graphics kind of suck. Let's cover it up with some darkness". No, it's supposed to be that way. You're on fucking MARS in a space station that has just been massacred by the depths of HELL.

By the way, those duct tape mods are retarded. The lights are too bright, you can't turn them off, and it ruins the entire aspect of the game which makes you choose between readily available firepower, and the ability to see in dark corners. Jeez, you guys just don't want any surprises, do you?


Wednesday, August 11, 2004 | 02:36 PM | by
My inbox is getting flooded over this "Xbox murders" issue. I guess I should have forseen that. I would love to discuss it with you each individually, but that's just not possible. There are far, far more of you that agree with me than disagree, but allow me to clarify my position here.

A lot of you are arguing that the murders were over the theft of an Xbox. Technically, this is true. My point is that the headlines and media coverage, when placed next to all of the other "videogames make people violent" shit that's going on, give the immediate illusion that the Xbox was the cause of the murders.


The cause of the murders was a group of ignorant fuckbags who were under the impression that they had the right to take a human life over some stuff. That's it. Whether it be their lack of education, bad genes, sniffing glue, whatever it was that caused their erroneous views that the best way to solve their problems was with anger and violence, it wasn't the Xbox. These types of people will kill you if you look at them the wrong way. It doesn't matter to them.

Fuck calling it the fault of a video game or video game system. That's shifting blame. These people are fucked up to begin with. Probably before they ever got their hands on a video game controller.

IP change

Thursday, August 12, 2004 | 12:56 AM | by
This is for anyone that may have edited their hosts file a few months ago when I changed servers. CAD is getting a new IP address.

Remember, this is only if you edited your hosts file a few months ago.

Navigate back to your hosts file, either with the search function, or by going to (on Windows XP, anyway) c:>windows>system32>drivers>etc

Open the hosts file with notepad, and erase any entries and IP's relating to CAD and the CAD domains.

Save the hosts file. Make sure it doesn't have a .txt extension on it.

That should be it. The DNS should swap over to the new server at some point automatically.

You will still see this message on the new server.