Issue 124 and a half


Monday, August 16, 2004 | 12:52 AM | by
Today's comic is a continuation of today's Applegeeks strip. As of this writing, Hawk doesn't know I've done this yet. Let me explain.

Saturday afternoon sometime, as I was coloring the very strips that were originally scheduled to appear today and Wednesday, Hawk messaged me to ask if I wanted to read the script for Monday's Applegeeks comic. He did this because the script referenced two of my characters, and he wanted my permission to use them. I gave him my blessing, all the while formulating a rebuttle. He thought he could send a Mac Robot after Ethan, and I would sit on the sidelines? I think not.

So as soon as I finished coloring what have now become Wednesday and Friday's strips, I started to work on the new Monday comic, in secret. For the entire weekend, as Hawk showed me the progress of his comic, I bit my tongue and laughed silently at my little surprise for him. He even gave me permission to make jokes about the G4 bot in future CAD strips. How benevolent of you, Hawk.

I would give anything to see his face when he reads today's strip.

So in essence, today's comic is basically a little practical joke I'm playing on my good friend Hawk, and I've sort of taken you all along for the ride. I hope you enjoy it anyway. I'm off to bed, I'll post more newsy type stuffs when I wake up.

Can't see comics?

Monday, August 16, 2004 | 01:18 AM | by
I've been getting reports that some of you can't see the comic strips. All you get for the past three strips are red X's. This sounds to me like you're still seeing the old server (We switched servers a few days ago).

If you performed the hosts file edit a few months back, when we last switched servers, you'll need to undo those changes you made. Use the windows search to look for the hosts file. Open it in notepad and remove any entry relating to CAD. Leave the localhosts entry. Make sure to save the file without an extension.

Servers and such

Monday, August 16, 2004 | 05:11 PM | by
Also, you can try Ctrl+F5 to refresh your cache for this site, if you're having trouble viewing the new server.

Speaking of which, we're doing some maintenance... apparently the new server is having trouble keeping up with the heavy traffic that CAD receives. We're working on it. Thank you for your patience.