Raining earlobes: Part 2

Fun times in the city

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 | 11:47 AM | by
UPDATE: Important announcement! Scroll down!

Alright, where shall we begin today, children? Perhaps on chapter three?

Yes, I know the Star Wars Trilogy is out on DVD. Yes, I own it. Yes, I know what changes they made. No, I'm NOT going to make a comic about it. Why? Because I just don't give a fuck. It's been beaten to death. Who cares anymore? They aren't our movies, they're his. I can understand exactly where George Lucas is coming from, as a creator. If I had the time, I would love to go back and redraw the first two hundred CAD strips. And you know what would happen if I did? I'd start getting emails of "I liked the old version better!".

I don't have to like his changes (some I do, some I don't). No, we don't have to like them, but we do have to live with them. Just stop crying like a little girl about it. Sheesh.

The limited edition Chef Brian shirts have been doing incredibly well. So either Chef Brian's fans are just leaping all over this, or you guys really like the idea of the limited edition shirts. I'll repost the shirt information below this post.

I picked up The Sims 2 earlier in the week. Despite random crashes, this game is more fun and addicting than the original was.

My first order of business was to recreate Caesar and Fernando Suave, the two latin brothers that my best friend and I had made in the first game. The entire goal was to see how much money, how much sex, and how much gaudy furniture these two Don Juans could acquire, right down to the leather leopard print sofa. We even put our own music into the game's radio system, so when we flicked on the box, Tito Puente's fiery sounds filled our little virtual house.

However, there were obviously limitations in the first game, that prevented us from completely fulfilling our little vision of pimpdom. I am pleased to report that in The Sims 2, Caesar and Fernando are alive and well, and Fernando is working for the mob, and Caesar has about six girlfriends. Rock on, Will Wright. Rock on.

Carrot Skull Tee

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 | 11:49 AM | by

I will take orders for this shirt until Wednesday September 29th. The shirts will then be printing while I'm in the middle of moving, and will ship sometime in the middle of October.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004 | 03:31 PM | by
Some of the readers that have been around for a long time will remember that for a short while, I offered XBox console skins featuring CAD characters. They haven't been available for nearly a year now, but in the near future I'm going to be bringing them back, eventually making skins for all of the consoles. I just received the prototype, and the quality is pretty damned good.

Furthermore, at Ubercon next month in New Jersey, I am going to be raffling off this signed Xbox, featuring the prototype skin. I will be making console skins available to the public, but this will not be one of the designs. This was just a test, therefore it is one-of-a-kind.

At Ubercon you'll be able to purchase raffle tickets for $1 a piece (to prevent people from just entering their name a hundred times... unless someone wants to buy 100 tickets...) and on Saturday evening or Sunday morning I will draw a ticket at random.

XBox Raffle

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 | 10:51 PM | by
The response to this idea has been overwhelming. I've got people trying to buy 200 raffle tickets online, before the raffle even starts.

I am aware that not everyone can make it to Ubercon. Unfortunately, I cannot open this raffle up to the general public. It is an incentive to attend the convention.

As I said earlier, I will be selling console skins sometime in the near future. However, since this raffle thing has generated so much interest, I have decided that on occasion I will hold a giveaway for the internet community at large, if I can figure out a way to manage it. I will create a one-of-a-kind console skin, slap it on a console, sign it, and raffle it off on the site here.

This one is for Ubercon attendees only, but I will give you guys a chance at some point, I promise.

X-Men Legends

Thursday, September 23, 2004 | 08:55 AM | by
X-Men Legends is awesome. It's about time a video game did the X-Men some justice again. I've only messed around with the first couple of levels, because I bought the game for the blissful co-op feature, so I can't get too far into it until my best friend comes down to help me move next week, but I'm chomping at the bit for it.

I definitely reccomend it.

Ubercon Panels

Thursday, September 23, 2004 | 03:46 PM | by
I just realized that Ubercon has posted a schedule (scroll down) of when webcomic related panels will be and such.

If you are planning on attending Ubercon, it might be a good idea to check this out to see when my panel is, and other panels I'll be on.

ALSO, they are taking sign-ups for each panel. When you pre-register for the con, you are allow to sign up to attend the panels you want to see. Registered people who signed up get priority over walk-ins for panels. You might want to consider signing up for my panels if you want to make sure to get a seat. Just a suggestion, I'm not sure how crowded things will get.