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The books are coming

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 | 12:51 AM | by

That's right. Starting on Monday June 6th, you will be able to place pre-orders for Volume One and Volume Two of the Ctrl+Alt+Del Collection. When the pre-order starts, you will find them in the store. They will be available to ship anywhere in the world.

If you pre-order before June 20th, you will have the option to have your book signed!

Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One: Insert Coin

Available during a pre-order period in 2004, and then only at conventions since, the wildly popular Volume One is the first collection of Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strips.

-At 176 pages, this book contains the first 150 comics, digitally remastered from the original files, with artist and character commentary on every page.

-Never-before-seen sketches including the very first drawings of Ethan and Lucas!

-An original storyline not available anywhere else featuring how Ethan and Lucas first met.

-Foreword by Tycho of Penny Arcade.

-Beautiful cover art colored by Hawk of Applegeeks.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume Two: Press Start

Available for the first time ever is the second Ctrl+Alt+Del collection. Be among the first in the world to own this highly anticipated follow-up to Volume One!

-Over 150 more of your favorite Ctrl+Alt+Del comics with commentary and behind the scenes info!

-Sketches, and a look at some CAD history!

-Exclusive comics not available online!

-Cover artwork by Xero of Konsekai: Swordwaltzer!

-Professional tips and advice on starting and running your own webcomic.

Volume One Wallpaper

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 | 01:14 AM | by
For the re-release of Volume One and the Release of Volume Two, I've decided to make the cover artwork from Volume One into a wallpaper. Here you go:

Volume One Cover
Volume One Cover
1280x800 (Widescreen)

Document this

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 | 01:16 PM | by
I wanted today to be all about celebrating the imepending release of the books, but I swear to monkey fucking christ if this guy ever approaches me about the "bold new boundary-breaking landscape of webcomics" and all that bullshit, I will shove his stupid ass down the nearest storm drain.

Why is it always the people who don't have a webcomic, or have some shit webcomic that NO ONE has ever heard of, that want to be the experts and the documentarians about how "revolutionary" web comics are. Web comics are fun. Why do they have to be analyzed to shit-paste?

You know what? Brian Carroll and I have been filming a CAD documentary for the past year, at conventions. I can gaurantee you that not once will you hear some stupid bullshit about "the vision". What you will see is me drunk as hell, falling into a hotel bathtub and breaking off the porcelain soap dish with my shoulder in the process. And probably some Q&A thrown in between all the partying. It's about having fun, telling stories, making people laugh.

Fuck the "experts" and their boring exploration of a "bold new medium". Webcomics rock. Get over it.