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C'est la vie

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 | 12:40 PM | by
Stupid son of a bitch...

I spend a bit of money, get my gaming rig up to peak working order... and then my work PC decides to initiate death throes. It cost me two hours of coloring work yesterday (my own fault for not saving I guess) and then turned ten minutes of comic work into an hour.

It just decides to stop working. It doesn't power down, but suddenly the monitor acts like there is no computer attached. It could be any number of things. The computer I use for work is actually 4-5 years old now. I'm pretty sure it's not the video card. My best guess would be the processor or the hard drive. To be on the safe side, I'm spending this afternoon backing everything up onto my external hard drive. Then it looks like the gaming rig will become the work PC, and I'll have to get a new gaming rig.

Figures that this couldn't happen during a slow work period. Had to happen when I've got a thousand things I need to do for the books and comics and the last thing I need is for a computer to die.

Anyway, it could be worse. I could have not had a second computer to transfer the work load to.

I'm hooked on Battlefield 2. Everything about it is great. Especially when you get into a really good squad that follows your orders and works together.

When B2 goes retail next week, I am going to be renting a server for Ctrl+Alt+Del fans to play on. This way we'll be able to gather in one place for some good matches, with like-minded people. And I will have total control over the server, so I can kick annoying people that TK and cause ruckus.

Though since I've never rented a server for a game like this before, I do have one question. What is the difference between a public and a private server? My assumption is that a public server will appear on the list, whereas a private server you can only access my manually inputting the ip addresss and whatnot. Am I correct?

B2 Server

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 | 06:27 PM | by
Ok according to all of the people who wrote me, the people "in the know", a private server will still show up in the list, you just need a password to get in.

I think I'll end up getting us a Public 32 person server. I can always password protect it at times if I need to, say if we get a clan thing going on and we need to practice.

Computer problems

Thursday, June 16, 2005 | 11:09 AM | by
It is not the new video card putting a strain on my power supply. The new video card was for my gaming computer. The problems I'm having are with my work computer. They are two totally different machines. The work PC hasn't had anything added to it in years.

I appreciate everyone's advice, but the bottom line is that it's not even a computer worth putting money into to fix. I mean, as I mentioned, I've had this computer for about 4-5 years. It's a Athlon Thunderbird 1ghz, from back when 1ghz was "wow!".

The computer has served me well for a long time, but she's past her prime, methinks.

Medic for me, baby

Thursday, June 16, 2005 | 03:08 PM | by
Ever since Everquest, I've been hooked on the healer archetype. It hasn't changed with Battlefield 2.

I do switch it up, for variety and the needs of my squad, but I always end up going back to the Medic kit, my first love.

I know some people are particularly enamored with picking people off at a distance, or using very loud explosives to remove tanks from the playing field.

For me? It's dropping my rifle to pull out the shock paddles, and running across the blood-stained dirt to fallen teammate, dodging mortar fire and whizzing bullets to try and bring a soldier back into the fight.

Official B2 demo server

Saturday, June 18, 2005 | 12:12 AM | by
*Edit- We've discovered that the server we're trying out (one of our own) might not be stable enough. It already crashed once. If it crashes again, we're just going to rent an official one for retail. This is why we were testing.

We've set up a Battlefield 2 demo server to test things out before retail. If you want to jump on and play some B2 with me (Absath) and Brian (Kurosen) from 8-Bit Theater, or with other fans, log in and join the server CAD/8BT Official Server.

You can use the thingy below to see who is online at the moment.

Don't try the "join server" link below. It doesn't seem to work.