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Battlefield 2 Official Ranked Servers?

Monday, June 27, 2005 | 02:33 AM | by
So Battlefield 2 has been out for about a week now, and Brian and I are loving it. The official server has been doing pretty good. We had it set at 64 people, but the lag was just unbearable. Not due to the server, because the server wasn't under heavy load, but due to known issues with EA's Linux server code. So we cut it back to 32 people, and things have been running very smoothly.

The problem with that is that it cuts in half the number of people that can play, on a server that was already busting at the seams with people wanting to play at peak hours.

The second problem is that if you run your own server, it isn't a ranked server. In order to get it ranked by EA, you have to jump through some hoops and basically give up control of your own server.

Everyone who has played on the CAD/8BT Official Server has said it is the best B2 experience they've ever had, and the reason is that CAD and 8BT fans are a really awesome group of people.

So I propose more servers.

Renting servers is not cheap, however, so I'm asking people to pitch in. This is how it will work:

You donate $5 to help out with the server. Once 64 (or 32) people have donated, we will rent a ranked, private server. The people who donated will be the only ones given the password to this server.

We will rent as many servers as needed to accomodate the people pitching in. There is no profiting involved here, this is what we're paying per slot for the servers. If 96 people pitch in, we'll rent two 64 person servers to balance the load. The passwords will be the same so that you can use either one.

Since server rental is a monthly thing, the passwords will change each month, and only people who continue to pitch in for their use of the server will receive the latest passwords.

We've proven that people are interested in playing with Brian, myself, and other fans on a private server. Now I want to do it right with an official ranked server, so that all of our playing be properly recorded. So if you want access to a private and ranked CAD/8BT server, click the button below to pitch in.

*EDIT: I'm going to stop taking donations until we get the first server (or two) set up and running. Once we're under way, I'll see about setting up more servers.

Donation link works now

Monday, June 27, 2005 | 11:44 AM | by
The button was giving an error. Should work fine now.

Two things: Yes, it will be very easy for someone to pitch in their $5 and then give the password to their friends as well. There is no way around this, and I expect it. But look at it realistically. If 64 people pitch in for a server, those 64 people are not going to be on the server 24 hours a day. We expect people to tell a friend or two, but to be aware that the more people they tell, the less likely their chance of getting into the server they paid for at peak hours.

Second, there have been reports of stupid people cheating on private ranked servers, and EA is aware of the problem. They may decide to force ranked servers to be public, or not to rank private servers. We'll deal with that when it happens. The most important thing here is having a stable server for us to play on. Having it ranked is just a benefit, and one that doesn't cost anything extra.

Battlefield 2 Servers Update

Monday, June 27, 2005 | 08:12 PM | by
Ok, here is what is happening with the server situation. While it IS possible to get a private, ranked server, and there ARE passworded ranked servers out there, none of the official server providers are selling them that way. The reason is because EA has issued a statement to all server providers informing them that any password protected ranked servers will be delisted, and the stats generated from them ignored, and the players that played on them perhaps even penalized.

Some people were using private ranked servers for cheating. All of those people you see at the top of the in-game leaderboard? They logged into a private ranked server, logged in a dummy account, and sat there for the entire round capturing all of the flags, and spawn camping the one dummy character on the opposing team. This got their score way up, really fast. Because of exploits like this, EA is not allowing private ranked servers. Figures that a few jackasses would ruin it for the rest of us, eh?

So here is what we're doing. We are going to rent two 32 person private servers with passwords, and one public ranked server.

Along with our current 32 person private server, that will be three servers that the people who chipped in their $5 will have access to. They will be unranked, but you are guaranteed a good game with fellow fans.

Obviously there is no way to prevent outsiders from jumping into the public server. At least no reliable way. However, even though I won't have the power to prevent non CAD/8BT fans from playing on the ranked server, I WILL have the power to kick them off.

I propose (and this is only a suggestion) that you put [CAD] or [8BT] in your profile name. By no means is this mandatory to play on the public ranked server, but I cannot guarantee you won't be kicked off the server. I will, on occasion, scan the player list and boot anyone I think is an outsider, in order to make room for CAD/8BT fans.

This is the only conceivable way to manage a public server for our community. It's unfortunate that we can't use a password, but we have to respect the rules of the game. If you don't want to put the tag on your name, or you don't care about the ranked play, there will still be private servers for you to play on (provided you chipped in for the cost of rental).

I am told that our public ranked server will be online tonight. I'll post to let you know.

Furthermore, once we organize a clan, we will have certain evenings where only people in the clan are allowed on the public server, and everyone else will be kicked. Nothing personal.

Servers online

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 | 01:56 PM | by
The ranked CAD/8BT server is online. It is public, so it will most likely be full. The server name is CAD/8BT Ranked US01. If you just do a search for CAD it should come up.

The private servers are online, and I will be emailing donators the passwords shortly. Once everything with these servers is squared away, I will take more donations, and get more servers online, if needed.

European Server

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 | 03:33 PM | by
Also we have a public CAD/8BT European server, which might provide better ping for overseas players/fans. The server name is CAD/8BT Public EU01.

Private server password

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 | 09:33 PM | by
The password has been sent out. If you donated for the Battlefield 2 servers, be sure to check the email address associated with your Paypal account.