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To ribbons

Friday, July 1, 2005 | 01:08 PM | by
So I was sort of disappointed with Batman Begins. Not the movie, the video game. I loved the movie, but the video game just... I dunno... leaves something to be desired.

When I saw it in action at E3, I knew they were taking the right approach to it, in what seemed to be almost a 'splinter cell-ish' sort of quiet, sneaking beat-em up. The same way the movie did that correctly with Batman. Using the shadows, using stealth and fear.

That graphics are damned great. Especially the character faces. Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale all look exactly like their real-world counterparts.

But once you get below the nice looking graphics, there isn't much game there. I mean, Batman is a detective, but there is no skill involved with figuring out what to do. It's so straightforward that it gets a little bland sometimes. I think I was hoping for a better platform experience.

From what I heard, the Fantastic Four video game also falls up short. But I expect the movie to do the same.

Conker: Live and Reloaded more or less lives up to what I expected and was hoping for. The graphics are just gorgeous, and single player is just as wonderful as I remember it. I haven't dabbled with the multiplayer at all, and it's not something that particularly interested me.

The humor in the latest installment lives up to the predecessor, with all of the great spoofs you'd expect.

I found myself enjoying the voice-acting again as well. The sound is very well done in Live and Reloaded.

On Medics

Saturday, July 2, 2005 | 02:52 AM | by
Ok, listen up all you would-be medics. Here's a quick lesson for you.

First of all, stop throwing your fucking bags all over the place. You don't HAVE to throw the bag to heal someone. All you have to do is hold it out and you will heal nearby teammates.

"Here, get first aid!"
"Here, get first aid!"
"Here, get first aid!"
"Here, get first aid!"
"Here, get first aid!"
"Here, get first aid!"
"Here, get first aid!"

You know what that's doing? It's distracting combatants. The last thing that infantry needs to be doing is searching around on the ground for your little medicine bags. They need to keep their eyes and gun focused on what's happening around them. YOU are the medic. YOU go to THEM. Take out your bag and stick close to them until they are ok. If they move, you move.

They'll see the big healing icon flashing on the right hand side of their screen. Trust me.

Second, stop taking the medic class just because you think the gun is more accurate. You know what? It might be. But medics have less body armor than other classes, which means you're eating dirt faster.

Furthermore, if everyone picks the medic kit with no intention of being a medic, your team is robbed of all of the other necessary support kits. No Spec Ops or Anti-Tank to disable vehicles, and you have armor running all over you. No engineers and the bridges stay out and there is no one to mine your base. Get the picture?

Someone emailed me to ask how to play a good medic. I told him that the first step was to realize that your primary function is not combat. Defend yourself when you have to, but your purpose is to keep your teammates in the fight, even if it means running around with no weapon in your hands, putting yourself at risk. To play a medic is to take the lives of your teammates into your hands.

CAD/8BT Private US02

Sunday, July 3, 2005 | 01:09 PM | by
This one is for all of you.

Server Name: CAD/8BT Private US02 (
Password: ezekiel

That's our "public" private server, just for CAD/8BT fans.

Also, 10pm EST on CAD/8BT Private US01 for those that donated.

Be there.