So very afraid

Afraid... like a fox

Friday, August 12, 2005 | 12:53 PM | by
I was first exposed to F.E.A.R. at E3 this year when Brian and I were attempting to get free hot dogs. Some of you may remember me commenting about the game after I returned from L.A.

At first it struck me as just another first-person shooter, and I was pretty unimpressed. Then a Microsoft employee came over and told me to press the Ctrl key while playing, and suddenly I had a Max-Payne Bullet Time effect, which worked surprisingly well from a first-person perspective.

I played the multiplayer demo when it was released and now the single player demo. It's a really neat game with a really awful title.

It's one of those acronyms where you can tell they just chose a word they though sounded cool, and then tried to assign a meaningful word to each letter. It didn't really work in this case.

So next week I guess I'll be at Otakon down in Baltimore, Maryland. Not doing any panels, but I'll be in the dealer's room hanging out with Brian and Scotty-boy. Swing by and say hello.

CAD WoW Players

Sunday, August 14, 2005 | 01:24 PM | by
I promise that when (if) Blizzard launches some RP PVP servers, that I will roll a new character (Horde) and start a CAD guild.

This is your heads up, so that when (if) the servers go live, everyone can start off on the same foot.

If they launch multiple servers with the RP PVP ruleset at the same time, I will post here with the name of the server I'll be on.