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Friday, November 4, 2005 | 03:40 AM | by
For those of you wondering what a "unified online service" would entail, think of Xbox Live. All online games you play on the Xbox pass through Xbox Live in some form or another. You pay a single subsciption fee. You have a single username and password. Obviously Xbox Live is making the transition to the next generation. Hell, even Nintendo is creating a similar all-inclusive service.

Word on the street is that Sony is not. So now imagine, if you will, that every time you want to play a different game online, you are logging into a different service. Different menus, different functionality, perhaps even different subscription fees.

That sounds like boatloads of fun.

Aaaaanyway, very shortly I'll have a couple of new designs available for sale in the store.

The first shirt I think sums up my argument rather nicely, and I'm pretty proud of it. Sure, I could wear a shirt that declares I hate another human being for having an opinion, but I'd rather fight the message, not the messenger.

The second design I actually created a couple of years ago, shortly after I started Ctrl+Alt+Del, but I never had it printed. I figured I'd see if anyone wanted it.

Also, coming up after the New Year, I'll have another few shirts. Here are a couple of WoW designs I'm working on, and you should also be able to buy the Zergling Rush t-shirt from this comic.

Perhaps I'll even do a shirt that says "Fuck Pants". Who knows.

Also, Xfire posted the transcipts of a live chat they had with the fine folks over at Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes, City of Villains). That be located here, yo.

Central service

Friday, November 4, 2005 | 02:15 PM | by
I'm well aware that the PS2 operates currently without any sort of central online service, and that most games have no subscription fee.

However, in my opinion, what makes online games fun is playing with good people. With Xbox Live, or a similar service, when you come across good people, you can add them to the friends list, and then pick up games with them over and over again with ease.

Now, if you're the type of person that doesn't care about playing video games with friends of yours, and you just want to get online and "pwn noobs", then this doesn't apply to or affect you. In fact, you are the type of person that usually doesn't make it onto my friends list.

However, with the added functionality Microsoft is promising with the new Xbox Live service, and what I can only assume Nintendo will follow suit with, it just seems a little bit lacking if Sony decides to forego that completely.

And since, on top of the already obvious fact that they are not releasing their next generation console first, and reports that they have to rework the entire system since the development consoles they sent to video game companies overheated and melted due to improper cooling, I would think they'd want to be as competitive as they can get.