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Monday, November 7, 2005 | 01:29 AM | by
I need someone to clarify something for me. And I realize that by asking someone to clarify something for me, I am inviting hundreds of emails to crash into my inbox in a torrent of helpful intention. And I welcome it. I hope this illustrates the urgency and depth of my curiosity on the matter.

Is Scrubs still on the air?

I was under the distinct impression that the series had been cancelled. However this series of articles gives me the impression that the show is still filming? Is it true? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know.

And if you haven't seen Scrubs, you are depriving yourself of Zach Braff, which simply won't do. Thankfully the first season is out on DVD now, so you can remedy your situation.

I've gotten an enormous amount of positive feedback on the shirts I unveiled last week. I promise a few of them will be available for purchase shortly. The other ones, such as the "Fuck Pants" design, the "Zergling Rush!" design, and the WoW Athletic tees will make their debut soon afterwards.

We are also planning to finally sell finely embroidered hats and beanies featuring the brand new Ctrl+Alt+Del Logo which I will be unveiling soon.

Speaking of cool shirts, anyone who has seen my dresser is often taken aback by the sheer amount of t-shirts I have. Since I work from home, most days I'm a "jeans and t-shirt" kind of guy. As you might imagine from my occupation, the majority of my shirts are webcomic shirts. Either my own designs, or those I've received from friends in the community.

We're talking about 70+ t-shirts here. Earlier this year I started supplementing my wardrobe with t-shirts from a non-webcomic-related designer. At Otakon this past year I got questioned a lot about the shirts I was wearing, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to plug them.

I'm talking about Threadless, and if you haven't heard of them yet, it's a really cool concept.

People submit their designs, which get voted on. The most popular designs get turned into t-shirts which everyone can buy. But only for a limited time, because then they go out of stock until enough demand builds to bring them back.

I try to stay on top of them myself, so I don't miss any good ones. I've missed a couple of great designs, and it was really disappointing. I missed this one the first time around, but was able to get it on a reprint.

Anyway, if you catch me wearing a shirt that wasn't designed by a webcomicker, it's probably from Threadless. And now you know.


Monday, November 7, 2005 | 02:01 AM | by
Ok, so apparently Scrubs is still being made. They just aren't starting to air the fifth season yet.

I've heard January-ish.


Tuesday, November 8, 2005 | 01:57 AM | by
Remember those big announcements I've been talking about for the last few months? Well this is one of them.

When I first started Ctrl+Alt+Del, it launched on a clumsy, slow, pure-html website that I had cobbled together from various internet tutorials

In early 2003, I was fortunate enough to have some fans, Aaron Stockton and Cameron Krauser, donate their free time towards building me the website you all came to know. A website which served us well for over two years.

However as Ctrl+Alt+Del grows, so does the demand on the website. So six months ago we began the monstrous task of rebuilding the website.

Actually, "we" is sort of an injustice. Pierre-Luc Brunet, a business partner and good friend of mine, proprietor of ZeStuff, is the mastermind behind this new website. The backend has been custom built from scratch, so not only does the website look different, but it functions smoother and more efficiently to boot.

And don't even get me started on the new features we're getting ready for you. A lot of the website is still being rebuilt, and we'll be tackling all of the finer detail work over the next month or so.

If you look up top you'll see some icons which will eventually lead you to CADMedia, Ctrl+Alt+Del's very own video game/movie review sections.

Also, every single one of my comics will soon be available in a special PSP-size, so you can browse the website directly from your portable game system.

I hope you're all as excited about the new design as I am. Pierre did a great job, and he continues to put a lot of time and effort into this project. So I think a big round of applause is in order.

Or, perhaps just a Murloc pet from World of Warcraft. I happen to know he really wants one, so I thought I'd see I could help him scrounge one up. If anyone has one they don't want, you can contact him at (pierre at zestuff dot com)

Edit: Some people have noted having problems with the site in FireFox. This site was designed with FireFox as the testing browser. If you are using anything but the latest version of FireFox (1.5, 1.5 rc 1), that may be why you are experiencing alignment issues with the top bar.

The site may run slowly today. This new design has never been tested under the traffic we get here, so a lot of optimization has to be done.

Like molasses, baby!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 | 06:41 PM | by
We know that the website/forums are running slowly. Trust me, we are just as frustrated with it as you are.

Unfortunately, this is part of the process for launching a new website design.

We can design anything we want on our computers, or our test server, and have it running great with the whole 2-3 people browsing the site. But there is no way to truly stress test a website unless it's getting live traffic.

So we have to build the site, and then make it available for the masses to hammer on, and see how it holds up. We then spend our time adding/removing/changing code to make things run smoother and better, and play nice with the server and everyone's wildly different browser/OS configurations at home.

Also, since this is a brand new website, all of the images are brand new. Which means hundreds of thousands of people's browsers are downloading all of these new images to cache at once.

Having a slow website sucks just as bad as browsing one. But rest assured, we are working very hard to optimize and streamline everything. I imagine in a couple of days things will be moving along at an acceptable pace, and in a month or two the site will be faster than ever.

This is the reason we launched with the bare necessities, rather than whole kit and caboodle. Once we get the most important elements (comics and news) to run flawlessly, we can add in all of the bells and whistles we've designed.

Such as finally adding official RSS feeds to Ctrl+Alt+Del, so you can be notified the instant the comic or newsposts come up, or when CADMedia launches, when a new review/preview goes up.

We are also the first webcomic that will be making its website available entirely in PSP format, so that you can read the latest comics and news directly from your PlayStation Portable.

I really do appreciate your patience as we get this battle station fully operational.

What a day...

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 | 01:08 AM | by

Crap... my first post and I screw it up right away. Oh well.

Hey folks! My name is Pierre. I'm responsible for this new website and for other features to come. I just wanted to apologize for today's downtime. I understand that it's very frustrating and trust me, it's even worse here.

This being said, things are slowly fixing themselves and we should be back at full speed (site and forum) within the next 24 hours. Right now, only the forums remain unavailable while some more magic is done behind the scene. Shouldn't be too much longer!

I also wanted to thank all of you who contacted Tim regarding comments and suggestions for the new site. This said, please stop. Tim has a lot on his shoulders and I don't think sending all these things to him will really help him.

Instead, I provide you with an interesting alternative! Spam me. That is right, send all those comments, suggestions, bug reports and complaints to pierre AT While I might not necessarily get back to you, I will read every single email and make the changes that are required.

Please understand though that Tim and I have a list of priorities for the new site and making it CSS and XHTML friendly is NOT one of the most urgent priorities on our list. It will be done, just not right now.

It's also not needed to tell me if the site (or the forums) are down/slow. I'm monitoring the situation and if it's down, it's because I'm working on something and it should be back shortly.

So to wrap this up, thank you very much for your patience. We really appreciate it! To show how much we do, I'm going to tell you a secret. If you have a Playstation Portable (version 2 and up), use it's browser to view and you might just find a CAD website formatted for your little machine.

But it's a secret. Don't tell anyone!