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Friday, November 11, 2005 | 12:21 PM | by
It took a couple days of hard work, but things have smoothed out considerably around here. The site is loading faster than ever, and we haven't even finished tweaking things yet. Pretty soon we'll have the webpage loading before you even open your browser. All you'll have to do is think about it.

I delved into The Movies a little bit yesterday, and I liked what I found. Actually, I should say I liked the potential of what I found.

At face value, it's very much like any other sim game out there. Build stuff, make money, unlock other stuff, build that. And micromanage the happiness and a few other staff of all your employees. It's in a movie studio setting, so that adds some novelty to it.

I started the campaign, because I wanted to get a feel for the controls and how things worked. It starts you off in the 1920's with a healthy budget and a detailed tutorial to get you running.

The first couple of scripts you get are written for you. After that, you can hire people to write scripts, and you choose the genre, but they are still doing the writing. You could actually play the whole game in this manner, and it would remain nothing but a sim game. Which is not to say that is a bad thing, and that may be exactly what some people are looking for. But that's not why I got the game.

I wanted to fool around with writing my own scripts, and directing the films myself, which I haven't gotten to yet in the game. That's the part that seems most engaging and unique about the title, to me anyway.

Also been playing a bit of Soul Calibur 3, which unfortunately I have to give a "meh" reaction to. I played Soul Calibur 2 till the wee hours o' the mornin'. But SC3 just doesn't seem to do it for me.

The VS. mode is pretty good. But the single player options just seem lackluster to me. Maybe I'm just in a place where I'm expecting more from a fighter than crappy story and circular arenas with boring "ring outs".

I'm really looking forward to Dead or Alive 4 becuas the franchise has been very good about providing naturalistic arenas to fight in. They have boundaries, but they don't feel like boundaries.

You know what I really want? A new Power Stone game. I would be seriously invested in seeing another game in that franchise, or even a game with a similar concept, come to the next gen consoles.

That shit would be pretty hot.

Retrieving character list...

Saturday, November 12, 2005 | 11:38 PM | by
Soooooooooo.... Since Blizzard is apparently against my desire to waste a perfectly good evening on their online thing, I figured I'd finally do the newspost I've been meaning to do for a day or two now.

First off, thanks to everyone who emailed me with comments, suggestions and problems. Most of you had really good points and were really nice. As you can see, we took care of the speed problem 48 hours ago and the site is still going strong since then. Now, a couple of things I've seen a lot in the emails you guys sent me:

  1. Search function in the comic archive: This function is going to be back this week. I know a lot of you really want it bad. We never actually planned to remove it.

  2. Messed up header in Firefox: Now, I've looked at the site using Firefox 1.0.7 and I never have that problem. This being said, it's important to realize that if you use software or extensions that modify the website (i.e. ad blockers), you're pretty much out of luck on that one.

    Ctrl+Alt+Del is able to continue running in large part due to our advertising revenue. Our ads are carefully selected, and are non-intrusive. They don't pop-up, they don't flash annoyingly, and they are always relevant to our demographic. There's a way to disable blocking for specific sites and if you want your problem fixed, you'll have to use it.

  3. XHTML/CSS compatibility: OK... so some of you have webdesign skills, hate tables and consider them the new evil, just after violent video games. That's cool. You can stop emailing me about it now. I got your point.

    Like I said in my first news post, we're going to make this site up to the latest standards, shortly. Until then, you'll be forced to notice that the site works perfectly fine and it's pretty darn fast too. Sure, it's not perfect but we'll get there.
So again, if you see something that doesn't seem right on the site and it's not about the freaking tables/div drama (wink), please email it to me at pierre AT ctrlaltdel-online.com and I'll take a look at it.

Oh and while I have your attention, I'm still looking one of those Blizzcon baby murloc pet codes. If you have one and don't mind getting rid of it, I would very much like it :D.

Who are.... all these people? /Seinfeld

Sunday, November 13, 2005 | 09:24 PM | by
Well for starters, I've been working with Pierre for nearly two years now. He's the guy behind the scenes that takes some of the work off my shoulders so I can concentrate on the creative aspects of this website.

He's a really talented individual, and I'm lucky to have him manage certain aspects of my business. Not only did he build this great new website, but he's the proprietor of ZeStuff, which handles the merchandise for Ctrl+Alt+Del, as well as VG Cats and 8-Bit Theater. He's also had a hand in managing our advertisements, among other ventures.

He only just began posting on CAD, but he's been working with me behind the scenes for a while.

Also, a lot of you have been asking if I will be looking for a writing staff when we launch CADMedia (the top buttons there). The answer is yes, I will be accepting resumes. Eventually.

Please do not send your applications or inquire about it now, as I am not prepared to sort through them. But if you are interested in working with CAD, you may have your shot in the near future.

I will make the announcement when I am ready, so keep an eye here.

Speaking of announcements, I'll have a couple of really cool ones for you on Monday, so stay tuned, true believers.