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Man in Black

Friday, November 18, 2005 | 04:35 PM | by
According to all reports I've managed to gather, my Xbox 360 bundle is scheduled to ship out on Monday, using a FedEx overnight-super-express-rocketing-through-
anticipation-service. Previously my plan had been to play Dead or Alive 4 first, but since that has been robbed of me, I think Kameo will see the inaugural power-up.

I am disappointed to see that certain games I enjoy will not be compatable with the 360, such as Burnout 3. Burnout Revenge was pretty good, but it didn't grab me as long as Burnout 3 did.

I've got the tickets to see the Harry Potter tonight. I've never read the books, I don't plan on reading the books. But I do find the movies to be entertaining. I wouldn't call myself a Harry Potter fan, to any extent. It's not something that makes my blood tingle, in the way a Superman Returns trailer might. A trailer which, coincidentally is attached to the new Harry Potter movie, and was also aired last night during Smallville. Stupid costume variations aside, that movie looks hot.

Speaking of hot, I fell into a burning ring of fire. That is to say, I'm really anxious to see Walk the Line. I'm a big Johnny Cash fan, in fact it's the only country music I enjoy. I think Joaquin Phoenix will do a good job.

I've rekindled my interest in World of Warcraft, as the Ctrl+Alt+Del guild on Dark Iron begins to do end-game instances. I truly do love World of Warcraft, not only for the great gameplay, but for the amazing people I play it with. Though, there is a special place in my heart for the "WoW Style" that Blizzard has developed. It always produces some very attractive art.

Well, not the Dragonstalker armor... that stuff is hideous.

Xfire Live Chat

Saturday, November 19, 2005 | 12:31 PM | by
Don't forget, in a couple of days, Monday the 21st, I will be participating in a live chat hosted by Xfire. You can sign up for a chance to participate, and chat with me, and ask me questions about CAD, webcomics, video games, whatever.

Xfire will also be raffling off about ten free video games during the course of the chat. I think it will be pretty fun, so go ahead and sign up here if you're interested in taking part.