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Fear is not the end of this

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 | 03:40 AM | by
So I've been following the progress of Project Offset for quite a while now, ever since they released that spectacular trailer and claimed it was not pre-rendered. It's quite the ambitious project, and from what I hear they have received significant financial backing and are now hiring staff to further develop the project. Bravo.

A few days ago they released a really nifty video showing dozens of enemies on-screen at once, with no slowdown.

Project Offset is still a ways off though, and my game-of-the-moment is America's Army. I usually frequent servers running 'Urban Assault' with the SF weapons set. Pretty fun stuff.

It may not last though, because we have some good stuff right around the corner. One of the next titles I'm anticipating most is Star Wars: Empire at War. A well-done Star Wars RTS would be bliss, and this one looks like it may just have what it takes.

I'll tell you what I'd really love though... a new X-Wing game. Mmmm...

Also coming soon (relatively) depending on what reports you believe, are a few delicious old school gifts from Vivendi Universal. In January (or March, depending on whom you believe) they'll be releasing the King's Quest and Police Quest compilations. All of the classics available again. I have fond memories of those games, and I'd like to give them another run through. Something to tide me over until we see how The Silver Lining turns out.

Later today I'm going to head out and try to snag me some of those new Star Wars Transformers. That's right, you heard me correctly. Star Wars Transformers. From what I hear they're hard to get a hold of, but I'll try any way. The Darth Vader one looks kind of stupid, but it would be nice if I could get the other three. Gotta support the corporation so they'll make more. Star Wars + Transformers = Ridiculous but in an "oh fuck yes" way.

Stupid Vader

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 | 06:15 PM | by
So we went out earlier this afternoon, and there is a Target right next to our Best Buy, so as a stop at Best Buy to refuel on DVD and Gaming Goodness™ is a weekly tradition for me, I wandered next door in search of robots in disguise. Robots from a galaxy far, far away, that were also in disguise.

They had three Star Wars Transformers, and all of them were Darth Vader. You know why? It's because I made fun of that one in my earlier newspost, before I left. That shit is karma. The universe is mocking me.

It was a tease too, because the artwork on the packaging for Darth looks hot. But the actual figure may as well have a giraffe's neck for all intents of purposes of the loftiness of Vader's melon.

I left Vader on the shelf and consoled myself by purchasing the first season of Battlestar Galactica. On Monday I mentioned I was dabbling with the miniseries, which actually would more accurately be described as devouring. I'm hooked now. Commander Adama Stands and Delivers. Bonus points if you get that reference.