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Short and sweet

Monday, February 20, 2006 | 02:50 PM | by
I know it's Monday, but it's going to be a short and simple newspost for now. Things are pretty busy around here. We're doing some work on the website, so if something goes wonky, just sit tight. It should be fixed shortly. I am also making an effort to finish fleshing out all the areas of the website that were pushed to the back burner after the redesign, like the Bios and Convention reports.

We'll also have some new t-shirts going up for sale soon, and I need to work on that today as well.

The most important bit of info I need to get out to you today is about Digital Overload. If you've registered, we need you to go to the website, login and fill out some information before you show up on the 10th. This is mandatory.

Digital Overload is only seventeen days away now. Things so far have been going very smoothly, and I want them to continue moving smoothly right through the end of the event. With hundreds of gamers showing up on Friday with all of their gear, we want to make registration as fast as possible for everyone. Nobody likes standing around in line. So fill out that information on the website before you show up.

Also, I hear the hotels are almost full for Saturday night, so move on that soon as well.

The Ctrl+Alt+Del Animation continues to be a smashing success. The pilot episode is already up, and the second episode will be launching in early March, and there are a bunch of other goodies for subscribers. So take advantage of our discounted rate (expires March 1st) and sign up for a year of animated goodness!

I mentioned a week or two ago that I really disliked RF Online. It's a shame because I was really pulling for that game too. Some of you wanted more details, so I'll try and get into that later today.

RF Online

Monday, February 20, 2006 | 09:13 PM | by
So I mentioned RF Online and that I didn't like it, and people wanted to know why.

Let me start by saying that I was really looking forward to RF Online. I mean, big fucking mechs, right? Who doesn't love robots? The graphics looked solid, so I was hopeful.

Unfortunately RF Online is a very typical Korean MMO experience. That's not to say anything negative about Korean games, but over in Asia I think they look for different things in their video games than we do. It's an entirely different culture, so that's natural.

RF Online, I feel, follows the same grain as Lineage 2, for example. Really pretty graphics, absolutely no depth. Next to nothing for character customization options, so everyone looks the same, and not a whole lot of frills in the gameplay department. RF Online is pretty much a straight level treadmill for the sole purpose of maxing out skills so you can compete in the faction warfare.

I know not everyone shares the same opinion, but when I play an MMO, I want the option of achieving a sense of individuality through my avatar, via character creation and armor selection.

MMO's nowadays have brought us to expect a bit more than just a pretty level grind, and I don't feel RF Online offers that. So mechs or not, it's just not a game I'm going to play.