Needs more RAM


Monday, February 27, 2006 | 04:09 PM | by
So I think I'm at 17-12 now in Fight Night. There are times I log on to play a few games, and I just get whalloped round after round. Or when I'm completely ahead in the scorecards, but I get put to the canvas in the tenth round. Talk about frustrating.

Anyway, the counter on the Digital Overload site now reads ten days until the event. It's surreal. I remember talking about trying to get a CAD LAN party going in early 2004, and I quickly realized how much organization it takes. And now, thanks the the great guys at Blind Ferret, here we are, a little over a week from our first event.

We have a list of games that people are planning on bringing. I haven't listed mine there, so I'll rattle off the games I'll be gearing up to play that weekend.

Empire At War: Definitely, just because it's new, and I haven't had any time to play it. between work, Fight Night and EQ2, I hardly get any EaW in. So I'll have that at the ready for DO.

Starcraft- I haven't played Starcraft in about four years now, so I'll suck pretty bad, but I'm looking forward to the nostalgia.

F.E.A.R- I enjoy the multiplayer of this game. Much moreso than the single player experience.

Battlefield 2- Again, a game I haven't played in close to a year, but it should be great fun to get this on the LAN and not worry about lag.

There's still a little bit of time left to register, but the official hotels might be sold out at this point. But if you can make it to Rhode Island, you should come. It's going to be a fun weekend.

If PC games aren't your thing, you can bring a tv and a console and hook those up. Or play board games.

And if you can't make it, well, there's always next year!

Game Overdrive

Monday, February 27, 2006 | 09:52 PM | by
Hey, if you can't make it to Digital Overload this year, this company called Gaming Overdrive is going to be there with lots of camera and recording equipment documenting the event in progress, and making live updates during the event.

They've got a special webpage set up for it and everything, so over the course of the weekend you can check out what's going on at our little LAN gathering. I'm sure they'll get plenty of footage of me getting schooled in Battlefield 2!

DO2006 Registration

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 | 02:48 PM | by
Digital Overload registration will be closing on Monday. So if you've signed up but haven't completed payment, you'll need to do that in the next few days. We are not accepting payments at the door.

Also, if you're attending you need to sign in to the DO website and register your PC and information.

We've got a lot of people coming from all over for this event, and as such I don't want people stuck standing in line when they could be gaming. Our goal is to make check-in as smooth as possible, and a large part of that is getting this stuff done prior to the event.

So please make sure that you've taken care of this stuff before the 10th.

Counter-strike a gogo

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 | 05:21 PM | by
My brother and his room mate have started a Counter-Strike 1.6 server and they are looking for people to hurt, virtually, of course. If this is your thing, you can find them as Maverik and Lordtiod at Hell, if you're lucky enough to see me there, you'll also have the opportunity to put a couple of bullets between my eyes.

Speaking of pitiful gaming, I'll be at Digital Overload in a week getting my ass kicked by pretty much everybody else. I'll have Starcraft, Warcraft III, Civilization II, III and IV , Burnout Legends (PSP) and some other things I'm not really good at. See you there!

Superman Video Game Trailer (finally)

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 | 02:50 AM | by
I approve.