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Off to E3

Monday, May 8, 2006 | 11:26 AM | by
This may be my last correspondance for a few days. I'm packing up and getting everything all set to head out to Los Angeles for E3 this week. I'm expecting a really good show this year, with all the next-gen consoles and games on display.

I'll have my laptop and digital camera with me, and it's my intention to provide updates from the expo. So once I'm out in L.A., and if I'm not partying too hard, I'll be posting news about what I'm seeing at this year's E3.

Some people have been asking if I'd do another fan-meet like I did last year. I'll see what we can do, probably once I'm out in L.A. and scope it out.

I did all the comics for this week in advance, so as usual, no updates will be missed.

No GameDay this weekend on account of the traveling, but next week we'll do something spiffy.

Also, I'm dusting off the fat cow that is my Nintendo DS just so I can get down with the New Super Mario Bros. That shit is sweet.

Alrighty, got a plane ride across the U.S. and a time-change to deal with. I'm off!

E3 Fan Meet(ish)

Thursday, May 11, 2006 | 10:08 PM | by
So, tomorrow from 12-12:30pm Brian and I are going to hang out in the hallway in front of South Hall, by the Gears of War chalk mural. It was the easiest landmark we could figure on this year. So if you want you can swing by and say hello, we'll sign something for you, or whatever.

New FAQ question

Sunday, May 14, 2006 | 01:07 PM | by
Q: You made fun of Macs today. Why do you hate Macs so much?

A. I don't hate Macs. I personally have no use for them, but that doesn't mean I hate Macs. I do, however, dislike Mac fanboys who can't take a joke, and I enjoy seeing them get all bent out of shape.

I do a comic strip here. I make jokes about stuff I love just as much as I make jokes about things I don't like. Don't automatically assume I dislike something just because I make a joke about it.

And furthermore, if you can't laugh at jokes pointed in your direction, you have no right to laugh at jokes pointed at others. IE, don't email me to tell me how much you loved my PC joke, and cry when I make fun of your Mac.