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Friday, April 6, 2007 | 01:49 PM | by
Super Paper Mario comes out next week. I've never bothered with a Paper Mario game, quite frankly because they looked boring to me. If I wanted to play an RPG'ish game with turn-based combat, I can think of about a dozen franchises I'd rather do it with than Mario. Though for this one they've done away with turn-based action in favor of a more speedy, dynamic platforming experience. I've seen some videos and it looks like a bizarre acid trip so... I'll pick it up.

Not to mention my Wii could always use more titles. I am a little disappointed that Super Paper Mario is yet another GameCube game converted to a Wii game. It will be nice when we start getting good games that were intended for the Wii.

A lot of people have been asking about the DVD of the first season of the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series, and I finally have some details I can give you. Right now we're tentatively aiming to start the pre-sale next week, maybe Wednesday or Friday. The prices will $19.99 for the regular DVD and $29.99 for the 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD. Subscibers to the animated series (either a full-season subscription, or any monthly subscriber that spent more than $15) will receive 50% off the price of the DVD.

The regular DVD will contain all twelve episodes from season one, slightly re-edited to fix some of the timing, sound and music issues that were present in the episodes, and to bring them closer to my "writer's cut" vision of how they should be. All twelve episodes will also include commentary recorded by me.

The 2-Disc Collector's Edition will include all of that, as well as a second disc crammed with bonus features. I'll have more details next week, but tentatively the bonus features will include a Ctrl+Alt+Del Behind the Scenes featurette, with footage recorded over the past few years, all of the wallpapers, comics and artwork available to subscribers as well as some new stuff, all of the scripts for the episodes, some episode storyboards, and more.

The DVD will be available for purchase via the internet only, and will presumably ship anywhere in the world. Again, I'll have more details next week.

Mmm, Entourage

Friday, April 6, 2007 | 08:28 PM | by
Season 3 (Part 1) of Entourage came out on DVD. The episodes are so short I'm sorely tempted to gorge myself on the entire meal in one sitting. But no, I must ration the goodness. I must make it last as long as possible.

On another note, why do they call it Season 3 Part 1? The last season of the Sopranos did this as well (Season Six, Part 1). A standard HBO series season is 12-13 episodes. Seasons 1 and 2 of Entourage and seasons 1-5 of The Sopranos were 12-13 episodes each.

These "Season X Part 1" DVD releases are also 12 episodes. So... why release "Season 3 Part 1" and "Season 3 Part 2" if each release is going to be the length of a normal season? Why not, you know, call them Season 3 and Season 4?

If anyone has a legitimate answer for this, feel free to fire off an email. I'd be interested to know.

Update: Ok, so it's because the "Part 2" release won't have a full 12 episodes. Only 6-8. So now the numbering makes sense, but not why they'd do a lopsided season like that for Entourage (The Sopranos is ending, so I guess they just needed a few more episodes to wrap it up the way they wanted, so that's fine). I hope Entourage isn't over already.