Never saw it coming


Friday, May 16, 2008 | 04:01 AM | by
Well, I have my Age of Conan early access client all downloaded and patched, and my hard drive defragged after that massive install. I'm all good to go for the early launch tomorrow. My experience with the stress test was less than perfect, but in the end I think I feel the good outweighed the bad, and the potential outweighed the launch hurdles. I've had the game pre-ordered for months and months, and Saturdays are my day off, so I figure 'what the hell', let's get in on some early access.

I'm open to the idea of posting what server I'll be on and (eventually) the name of my character, if any other early-starters are planning to brave the opening day rush. Funcom released the server names, so I've been looking over them trying to make a decision, and I think I've settled on Omm. I'll post my character name on Saturday if anyone wanted to join me for some decapitations and pixelated nipples.

Speaking of decapitations and nipples in video games, the Video Game Voter's Network has set up an initiative to collectively voice our opinions on violence in video games to the 2008 presidential candidates. It's pretty straightforward, read the letter on the page, and if you stand by what it says, put in our information and hit send. They'll handle the rest.

Did you enjoy that little segue?

Also, this is really cool.

It's that time of year again!

Friday, May 16, 2008 | 11:55 AM | by
Every year we try to run a little survey so that we can get a better idea of the reader demographic. It helps us with advertising, among other things, which helps run the website. So if you wouldn't mind taking five minutes and answering some questions for us, it would be greatly appreciated!

Age of Conan

Saturday, May 17, 2008 | 06:54 PM | by
Wow. I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how good this game is. It's almost like I'm not even playing the same game that I was during the stress test. I know there have been some minor issues with the early access start this afternoon, I myself am one of those who are currently unable to claim their pre-order items. However my experience in the game has been largely extremely positive, and as far as launches go, I'm pretty impressed. And running at 1920x1200 with almost everything on high, the game is downright gorgeous, and running smoothly.

Again, I am very impressed. I'll talk more about the game on Monday, but right now I want to get back to playing.

As promised, I am Amon, Tempest of Set, on the Omm server. Feel free to say hello. I probably won't be doing much grouping just yet, I'm still exploring and getting my bearings in the newbie areas. I'll do my best to reply to /tells, but if I'm getting bombarded, please understand if I don't get to respond right away.

See you in-game!