Totally decimated


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I'm looking forward to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I'd be happy with just a new, decent Mortal Kombat game, that the DC characters are there is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

It does bring to question some interesting concerns, like how Superman is getting his ass kicked. Maybe those jerks from Outworld are just super strong, but then what happens when you go up against Supes with the Flash? What's the reasoning there? I'm curious to see the explanation.

I can't say I'm all that worried about the lack of fatalities for the heroes. The game has blood, battle damage, broken arms and such, I can live without seeing Superman rip someone's spine out.


It won't be a terribly entertaining life, but I'll live.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was an outstanding game. I'd love to have another one of those.

Players shirt is in the store, by the way.

Thanks for all of the suggestions (and photoshop mockups) for where you'd like to see the sillies... little strips... CADMini... I don't even really know what to call them. I've been calling them "sillies" like you call the newspaper comics the "funnies". When I started doodling the little "sackboy" versions of Ethan and Lucas it was just in the margins while I was drawing the regular strips, just being silly.

Anyway, there were a lot of different suggestions, but the prevalant opinion seemed to be to give the Sillies their own page on the site (and add them to RSS feed and their own archive). So I think that's what we're going to do. However I also think we're going to add some nice, easy to locate visual links here on the front page to the different comics, sort of like Scott does. And probably a link to the side for good measure.

In a future site redesign, I think I'd like to pile the news, regular comic and Sillies onto one main page, but that's for then and this is for now. We also have a few other nifty little features coming to the site soon, like archive bookmarking, embedded polls (for when we do our next Choose Our Adventure story) and such.

Please keep Dan "YoungWolf7" Smith in your thoughts today, he's having surgey to operate on the recurrence of the cancer.

And I want to thank all of you who donated or sent Dan well wishes. He sent me an email and we've really made a noticeable impact for him and his family. He's in an incredibly tough and scary place, to be dealing with cancer for a second time, and I can't even imagine it. But our help means that he can focus his energy on beating the disease, and not worrying as much about how he and his family will pay for the fight.

So again, thank you.

Here's a second Daily Silly for you (and Pierre, because he wanted to be a character).

I need to ask you a favor

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Reposted from Saturday:

I've mentioned a few times that I play Warmachine, a miniatures wargame. As a participant of the hobby, I've come to know the work of some of the more skilled modelers and painters in the community. One such artist is Dan "YoungWolf7" Smith. Dan is a member of a group of painters called the BrushThralls(.com), and they're some pretty talented guys.

Last year Dan was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to undergo surgery and treatment. To offset the medical costs, Dan and the other BrushThralls decided to assemble and paint a 750 point Warmachine army, and then auction it off. It was codenamed Project Rainy Day.

The auction was a great success (you can see the auction and finished models, all done by very skilled individuals).

Unfortunately, the cancer seems to have returned. It looks worse this time, and Dan is too weak to organize another fund-raiser. (here is his blog post from yesterday, which explains it in detail)

I'm not going to ask you to donate. No, the only favor I ask of you is just to look over the situation and then decide for yourself. I know donating to an individual rather than an established charity is always met with some skepticism, and rightfully so given some of the awful stories you hear of people abusing the generosity of others.

I don't know Dan Smith personally. I've never even exchanged words with him. But I have followed Project Rainy Day with interest, and I have seen his impact on the community and how well-known and well-liked he is, and I feel comfortable vouching for his cause. It wouldn't be on my front page if I didn't think it was on the level, and if I didn't think there was a chance for us to really help someone out here.

There is a donation link at the end of this page.

Tuesday Silly

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Dan's Surgery

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Rob "Terarin" Strohmeyer, one of Dan's fellow BrushThralls, has posted an update on how Dan's surgery went today:

"Terarin here with an update for all of those interested in Dan "YW7" Smith's status. Dan went in for surgery today. The surgery went well. The doctor removed 10 tumors on his right side and 1 aggressive tumor on his left. Later this afternoon things got scary as Dan had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Fortunately he had a kick ass anesthesiologist who recognized what was happening and got it corrected. Dan was moved to the intensive care unit at the University of Utah, and will be moved to a regular hospital room tomorrow. He's expected to be there for a couple of days. According to his wife, Kerry, he is doing much better.

Our hopes and prayers are with Dan today. We here at and the SteamDogs are thankful for the outpouring of support the hobby community has shown. We'll continue to keep you posted. "