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The rest of the Digital Overload Tournaments!

Friday, January 9, 2009 | 05:02 AM | by
Digital Overload is less than two months away folks, so it's time to start kicking it into high gear around here. Starting with announcing the rest of the official tournaments!


Left 4 Dead is one of my favorite games from the holiday season, and I think it'll make an outstanding tournament for Digital Overload. Teams will compete through entire versus campaigns for the best score. Fire up those shotguns and start practicing!


Gotta have a music game tournament, and Rock Band worked so well last year, we thought Rock Band 2 would be the perfect choice. One band dominated the competition at Digital Overload 2008, with some members flying all the way from California to compete. Think your band can do better? Grab those instruments and come play for a crowd at Digital Overload 2009.


The Texas Hold'em tournament always fills up fast, so if you want to play some competition poker, make sure you've purchased your badge so you can sign up early once we open registration.

In addition to these tournaments, we'll also be running Project Assassination again, our event-wide Assassin game, with the winner invited to dinner Sunday after the event with myself and the Digital Overload staffers.

And we might just have some secret tournaments up our sleeves, so stay tuned.

Project Assassination 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009 | 04:45 PM | by
For anyone planning to participate in Project Assassination at Digital Overload 2009 (or for anyone curious about what it is) I've posed an important question in the forums that I'd like to get your feedback on.


Digital Overload Computer Mod Contest

Friday, January 9, 2009 | 06:21 PM | by
I'm pleased to announce that Digital Overload will be hosting its first Computer Mod contest this year, sponsored and judged by CPU Magazine! The winner will receive prizes, including a free badge for Digital Overload 2010, and possibly a small editorial feature in CPU magazine.

Entrees must present a functioning case mod, and will be judged on creativity and skill in the following departments:
  • Technical merit: Creative placement of parts and "outside-the-box" changes made to existing components of the case that are likely to have a positive effect on performance and/or that make for more efficient use of the space.
  • Artistic merit: Does the case have a cohesive theme or a distinctive look, or is it simply a collection of parts thrown together behind a window and lighted fans.
  • Polish: The fit-and-finish portion of the work. This includes clean, smooth paint; solid cable management and sleeving/hiding; tight, smooth seams; the functionality of the mods (i.e. custom doors and mechanisms); and effective use of lighting.
  • "Wow" factor: Judges' overall reaction to the mod.

You have two months left until the event, so get cracking on those computer mods!