It was bound to happen eventually


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I'm still loving the squidgy bits out of Arkham Asylum, obviously. The challenge maps are my new crack-cocaine, but I call shenanigans on the guy who got 0:28 on Silent Knight.

I've hurled a great many batarang during my time in the Dark Knight's shoes. They are sharp and pointy in every way possible, and yet all I have ever managed to do is bludgeon people upside the head with them. Now I'm willing to chalk this up to sheer skill on Batman's part... but at the same time is sort of falls into this weird "Wolverine always knocks someone out with the side of his claws in the animated series" kind of zone.

I understand that Batman doesn't kill people.... it's his thing. But if you only want to incapacitate someone, is throwing razor-sharp boomerang-knives at them really the option that is most conducive to a non-lethal ethos?

I've got my eye on the prize right now with Batman, but it's hard to ignore the giant pink elephant in the room... the fall release season. It's approaching like an eighteen-wheeler, and it's not long before I'm frozen like a deer in its headlights.

In the next few weeks alone we have Champions Online, Aion and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, among others (Scribblenauts).

I was in the beta test for Champions Online since early spring, and I got to see that game go through some incredible growth spurts. I swore off it about a month before the closed beta ended, so as not to burn out on a game still in development. I'm looking forward to seeing the release product.

I tried the beta for Aion and lasted all of ten minutes before I logged out and uninstalled it. Still, I hear positive things from time to time, and it looks like they've done a lot more work westernizing the game since I put hands to it, so I figure (since I'm stuck with my preorder no matter what), I'll give the game another look. The open beta starts this week, so I'll test the waters there. Maybe I'll see some of you there.

The guild

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I know some of you who follow our twitter accounts might have already heard about it but I wanted to make a longer post here.

As you might know, I started my own WoW guild on the alliance side of the Sentinels (US) server. Now, I know there are more WoW guilds that you can shake a stick at but I was looking for a different experience.

I was looking for a guild where it's ok to afk from a raid because the baby got up for her 1 AM bottle. I was looking for a guild where we can have mature conversations that don't revolve around genitalia. I was looking for a guild where you can ask questions without being called a n00b.

ZeGuild is a guild created especially for parents, casual players and cool people :).

I should give a fair warning tho. If you're into hardcore playing/raiding, if you want to get to the top really quickly, if you can't use a language that's good enough for those who have kids around looking at the screen or if you're just a moron, please don't consider us. You're just going to leave or get the boot. We're going to be pretty strict about drama as well. We're all looking for a good time and we'll make sure to get rid of those preventing that.

Also, I wanted to stress that this is not strictly a CAD guild. It's simply a guild I started and Tim is letting me post about it. Should Tim and I get into a huge fight about who has the cutest shoes and I decide to leave CAD, I'll boot his sorry ass out and go on with my day ;).

If you want to join us, simply find me (PierLuc) or Tim (Fiad) online and send us a whisper. We'll gladly send an invite your way. Right now, all spots are open to all class/play time/profession except maybe for Inscription (I'm 450). We already have one bank tab, a tabard and we'll get a vent server up shortly. The plan is to start doing 10 mans as soon as we have enough bodies to fill a raid. Until then, I guess we'll get the lowbies leveled up :).

See you online!

Who are you kidding?

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I have the cutest shoes, no contest.

My Adidas and me close as can be, we make a mean team, my Adidas and me.