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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | 11:47 AM | by

The other day I was congratulating myself for being MMO-free for the summer, and relishing all of the extra time I must have to do other things. I then immediately realized I'm spending just as much time, if not more, in League of Legends than I ever did in an MMO.

I got the idea for today's comic from @faildruid who texted me the other evening, while I was unable to play, to give me a LoL experience on my phone (complete with ganking). It occurs to me that in light of being able to play the full game on my phone (something I do not see possible), some sort of app to simulate a game would be enough to quell my addiction when out and about. I would also except some sort of mini game in-which I was able to take control of a single creep in some actual game being played.

I'm now on the home stretch to level 30, and I'd like to think I've won at least as many games as I've lost. Some are rofflestomps, either in my favor or against, but I enjoy those types of games slightly less. What I truly cherish are the games that are so close, that are an hour-long evenly matches battle that could go either way at any moment. I also like the games that are one-sided all game long, and then a single well-timed ace turns it on its head and produces a victory (or a loss).

I find myself impressed with the job that Riot has done. Though you can easily find a lifetime's helping of trolling or complaining about various champion's OP'ness or UP'ness if you choose to venture into the hopelessness that is LoL's official forums, all in all I'm pretty happy with what I see in champions.

Sure, there are tweaks that certain champions need. Especially right after they're released. But I think it's a testament to Riot that any time I've regularly seen a champion underperform, and thought to myself "Wow, that champion isn't that good", I then get into a game with one that just totally dominates, and completely changes my opinion of the champion. That nearly any champion can shine in the right hands and the right circumstances is what keeps me playing, and keeps me interested. Overall, I find it pretty well balanced.

Except Evelynn. Fuck that champion.

Also, Riot, you need to hurry up and finish a new map already!

re: Evelynn

Thursday, June 16, 2011 | 04:24 PM | by

What bothers me about Evelynn isn't that there's no counter for her (wards and oracle). There's a counter or way to deal with practically everything in the game, if you have the right abilities/items/build.

What annoys me about her is that her counter (wards and oracle) and her very presence in a match alters the entire mindset and strategy of the game.

Due to her stealth, any time you can't see her she automatically has a presence in every lane. You have to play more defensively when facing her, and you have to spend early-game gold to purchase wards and/or oracles to counter her, instead of spending that on regular gear. And it isn't a choice... if you don't, you will get ganked and she will get fed.

It's a whole different game when Evelynn is on the opposing team, and that psychological shift for a single champion is pretty powerful.

I don't think she's OP, I don't think she needs to be nerfed. I just think she's incredibly annoying.

Though to be fair, I'm speaking as a Twisted Fate player, a champion that is regularly banned in ranked/competitive play for similar global impact reasons. I have no doubt that people find it pretty annoying when they think they're getting away with a sliver of health, and I ult in and card them in their face.