Calm before the storm


Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | 12:44 PM | by

I absolutely support the right of companies and individuals to attempt to combat and prevent the theft and piracy of their copyrighted materials. You could argue that SOPA and PIPA won't even stop all piracy, and you'd be right. But that doesn't mean that companies aren't entitled to continue trying to find the solution(s) that work. So in that sense, I have no complaint with the goal of the SOPA/PIPA bills.

However I'm wholeheartedly against the way that goal is being executed with these two piece of legislation making their way through the senate and the house respectively. The wording in sections of these the two bills are at times so vague that it's impossible to not immediately imagine the ways corporations could abuse the power they'd be awarded.

Without laying out specific boundaries to contain the legislature to its intended purpose, and to ensure that that purpose can't intentionally or accidentally bleed into affecting aspects of the internet that we don't want it to, the bills are just to volatile to let pass.

This is where you come in. Watch the video I posted. Read up on the bills. Check out what other people are saying. If you then feel the bills are too open-ended, and a threat to the freedom of the internet as I do, contact your local Senator. Go to this website and enter your information. A protest email will be sent to your Senator on your behalf.

Get your voice heard.

And now for something completely different

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The Razer Headset contest was a really tough one to judge! You guys sent in some amazing photos of weird stuff on your heads, and I wish I could give a headset to everyone. But they only sent me three, so I narrowed down the entries the best I could. I ended up with sixteen finalists.

There were a lot of common themes (animals on heads, and computer speakers taped to the sides of heads), and so in that case I grouped similar submissions together. I then tried to choose my favorite amongst them, and if I couldn't do that, I simply went whoever submitted their photo first. So if you see an entry below and you did something similar, I want you to know how I arrived at the decision I made.

And now on to the finalists, in no particular order!

Entry #1

Those eyes!


Entry #2

This girl has what appears to be a million T-rexes on her head. Awesome.


Entry #3



Entry #4

A lot of people put furniture on their heads, but this is an actual car seat. Also the Star Trek shirt for a Star Wars contest made me laugh.


Entry #5

He's got boobs on his head. Why he wants to replace them with a Razer, I have no idea.


Entry #6

For the empire!


Entry #7

Anyone else think this guy looks like Chris Maloney?


Entry #8

Boba Fett, Optimus Prime, and Master Chief. Nerd trifecta achieved.


Entry #9



Entry #10

This entry and entry #11 were my favorites from the "created a headset out of my computer speakers" theme of photos.


Entry #11

I wonder if they actually tried using any of these setups...


Entry #12

Sooooo messy.


Entry #13

I thought this one was 'shopped when I first glanced at it. But if you enlarge the picture, you see that he used tape on the wall and his clothing to make it look like the ship is traveling through hyperspace. Very cool!


Entry #14

Well, since he'll probably be paying for therapy for this kid for the rest of his life, I figured I'd give him a shot at winning a headset.


Entry #15

I wonder how many stations she picks up?


Entry #16

I got a lot of these "primitive headset" submissions, but this one was the most well-executed.




So those are the submissions! Cast your vote for your favorite, and the top three will receive a brand new SWTOR Headset courtesy of Razer! Voting will remain open until Thursday night at 11:59pm EST. I'll announce the winners on Friday.