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Interactive Story sponsored by SUMO

Monday, May 13, 2013 | 12:03 AM | by

The great folks over at SUMO are sponsoring the site this week, which means I'm going to update every day through Friday. It also means you and I are get to try something new. Today I've given you a character, a setting and a conflict. Now it's up to you to tell me what happens next. If your idea is picked, I'll draw it up for tomorrow's comic. Together, we'll try and tell a story.

More on that in a moment, though. I'm always excited to have SUMO as a sponsor. I've used their chairs for years and years, both in my own home and at our old Digital Overload LAN events, and I'm always happy to recommend their stuff to anyone looking to furnish a new apartment or game room.

It also helps that they're regularly adding new twists to the beanbag/gaming chair to their product line. I've sat in and reviewed a lot of them over the years, including the original, ultra-durable Omni which we used by the hundreds at Digital Overload. Then there was the Sway Couple, which was my favorite for a time until that spot was taken over by the current title-holder, the Titan.

Even now they're pursuing new designs, like the Emperor. Before long there will literally be a SUMO for every possible need and desire. Who knows, maybe your perfect SUMO is already available. Head on over and take a peek. Let me tell you though... you can't go wrong with the Titan. At the very least you know what to ask for when Christmas rolls around!

But you don't have to wait for Christmas for SUMO's gift of comics. That's happening this week!

So as I said, the next four pages of this little story are up to you to direct. I've given you the first page, now you need to tell me, in one sentence (try to keep it under 200 characters max) what happens next. Email your sentence to vote.cad (at) within the next twelve hours (by 12noon EST). Make sure to include your name if you want to be credited.

This afternoon I'll pick one email at random, and that sentence will decide what happens on page 2, to be posted tomorrow morning. Then you'll have another chance to tell me what happens for page 3, and so on.

When I originally posted this concept, I stated that "anything goes." I then remembered that this is the internet, so let me clarify. Absolutely anything goes except racism and homophobia and the like. Any entries containing hate speech/acts will be tossed out.

Other than that, there are no boundaries. I don't care how weird or bizarre or NSFW it is, if your sentence is picked, I'm going with it. I may take artistic license and add bits to avoid non sequiturs between pages, but I will not fundamentally alter your idea. If I pick a sentence that I don't feel can carry an entire page on its own, I may pick a second sentence and merge the two to create a whole page.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I'm absolutely certain it will be interesting to watch. So make sure you tune in every day this week, and submit your ideas for how the story progresses. And don't forget to check out SUMO's amazing chairs, as a thank-you for sponsoring this little event!


Monday, May 13, 2013 | 12:39 AM | by

If this storyline does in fact go NSFW (and I expect it will), I will place a NSFW tag in both the title, and on the comic image itself as warning.

If you typically read the comic at work, and you could get in serious trouble viewing naughty stuff, it may be wise to play it safe and view the comic at home this week, just in case.

Page 2

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 12:06 AM | by

Congrats to Denise D. for submitting yesterday's winning sentence!

"There is a tense moment, before the robot draws forth his mighty electric guitar to do battle."

Clean slate now, and you all have another twelve hours to submit your sentences for Wednesday's page (submissions close at 12pm EST)! Tell me what happens now!