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Start the head start already!

Friday, May 30, 2014 | 05:26 PM | by

So Battlefield is getting into the Cops and Robbers business. It will be interesting to see how the concept of law and justice meshes with wide-spread murder and bringing buildings. I mean, "levelutions."

We're just hours away from the Wildstar headstart now. I'm excited to get going, and start meeting all my new guildmates! Like I said earlier in the week, I'll have to get to level twelve before I can create the guild, or in other words, sometime Saturday afternoon most likely. I know the starting areas pretty well, but I don't plan to rush or skip my path quests. I'll post information on how to get an invite as soon as I have it.

In the meantime, if you're planning to join us, chime in and let us know what class you'll be maining! It will give us an idea how our guild will be set for various roles.

And as a reminder, we will be Exile on the Avatus server! Anyone is welcome to join us, whether you want to pvp, raid, craft, or play casually. All play styles will be encouraged.

Wildstar Guild News

Saturday, May 31, 2014 | 01:37 PM | by

Just hit Level 12... small snag though, guilds now cost 10gold to create. I don't think the monetary requirement was there when I looked in early beta.

If you want to chip in a few silver to get us there, you can mail it in-game to Exanimus. Otherwise, sit tight while I farm up eight more gold.

Thanks, we have enough! Making the guild now...

We're on the Avatus server!

Our guild has been created! For an invite to, send a whisper to Exanimus. Bear with me, I may be getting spammed, I'll do the best I can to get everyone invited.

Update: You can also whisper Stonemender, MercCarnage or Pheuri for an invite to the guild in the meantime.

We have about 100 spots left in the guild as of this writing.